Frequently Asked Questions


  • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Apply Pay.
  • Is Cash on Delivery payment available?
    Yes, Cash on Delivery is available for retail purchases within the UAE. Please note that there will be an additional fee of AED 10 for this payment method.
  • How do I update my billing address or credit card details?
    To update your billing address or credit card details, simply sign into your account, go to "My Account," and follow the provided instructions to make the necessary changes to your billing address and credit card information.
  • Will I have to pay customs duties or taxes on my order?
    Customs duties and taxes may apply to international orders, depending on the destination country. It is the responsibility of the buyer to cover these fees, and they are not included in our shipping or product prices. For more information, please check with your local customs office.
  • Where do I find my billing invoices?
    You can access your billing invoices by logging into your account. Under the "My Account" section, you will find your invoice details conveniently located for your reference.

Shop & Orders

  • How much does shipping cost?
    Shipping is FREE within UAE for orders above 150 AED. For orders below 150 AED shipping cost of 10 AED will apply. Shipping to other GCC countries is 30 AED.
  • I’ve placed a one-time order, how long does it take to receive my shipment?
    United Arab Emirates Most orders ship out within 48 hours. Standard domestic shipping takes about 2-7 business days for package delivery. Other GCC Countries Most orders ship out within 48 hours. shipping takes about 5-10 business days for package delivery.
  • What are my delivery options?
    We offer free express shipping for all orders, regardless of the destination.
  • Where do you ship?
    We ship within GCC countries. For international orders, please contact us via WhatsApp or email to get a custom quote.
  • What is your return and refund policy?
    Once a product is purchased and the order is processed, Glembox does not accept returns or offer refunds for any reason. However, if you receive a damaged item, please contact us via email or WhatsApp within 4 days of receiving the order. Our Glembox team will assess the request on a case-by-case basis. Any potential refund or exchange due to damage will be solely at the discretion of Glembox.

Subscription Box

  • What is GlemBox Subscription Box?
    GlemBox is Silver jewelry subscription box based in the UAE offering a delightful experience of receiving 4 handpicked Sterling Silver 925 jewelry pieces every month that are your to keep.
  • What can I expect as a subscriber?
    Once you become a GlemBox subscriber, you will receive a  monthly box containing handpicked pieces of 925 Silver Jewelry that are yours to keep from our new collection. 
  • What are the additional benefits of subscribing?
    As a valued Glembox subscriber, you will enjoy fantastic bonuses to enhance your jewelry shopping experience. You will receive a monthly promo code voucher worth 50 AED, which can be redeemed on our shop page, allowing you to pick your favourite jewelry pieces at a special discounted price. Additionally, You will automatically receive a flat 20% discount applied at checkout on all your purchases from the shop page, making it even more enticing to expand your jewelry collection with GlemBox.
  • How do I subscribe to GlemBox Subscription Box?
    It's easy. Just follow these easy steps:
    1. Visit our subscription box page on the GlemBox website.
    2. Choose the subscription plan that best suits your preferences and style.
    3. Complete the payment process securely through our provided options.
    4. Sit back and relax as your handpicked jewelry box is prepared and delivered to your doorstep every month.
  • Can I manage my subscription easily?
    Absolutely! You have the freedom to update your address, credit card details, skip a month, or cancel your monthly subscription anytime online by going to My Account > Account Details > Manage My Membership. If you have any questions or trouble, you can also contact us via email or WhatsApp, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
  • How can I cancel my subscription with GlemBox?
    To cancel your subscription, go to "My Account" > "Account Details" > "Manage My Membership." If you need assistance, contact us via email at [email protected] or through WhatsApp. Please request cancellation before your next billing date to avoid additional fees. Note that cancelling waives your current membership access, credits, and the 20% store discount. If you reactivate later, credits won't be reinstated.
  • How can I skip a month?
    To skip your next payment, simply log in to your account and navigate to the subscription management section. From there, you can choose the option to skip the upcoming payment. This way, you won't be charged for the next billing cycle, and your subscription will resume as usual in the following month.
  • When will my first box arrive?
    If you complete your subscription sign-up on or before the 15th of the month, your box will be packed and shipped by the 26th of the same month. Delivery of the package will depend on your shipping address.
  • Will my subscription be renewed automatically after I sign up?
    Yes, your subscription will be automatically renewed according to your chosen plan on the same day you were billed when you signed up.  For example, if you choose the monthly plan and we first billed you on March 15, your renewal date is June 15. In case you chose the 3 months subscription plan and we billed you on March 15, your renewal date June 15. Remember, you have the flexibility to skip a month or cancel your subscription at any time at least 48 hours before your next billing date.
  • Can I make changes to my next renewal billing date?
    Absolutely! You can make changes to your next renewal date by contacting us via email or WhatsApp at least 48 hours before your next renewal date. We're here to assist you with any adjustments you need.
  • How do I change my shipping address?
    To update your shipping address, simply log into your account and navigate to your account page. There, you can easily make the necessary changes to ensure your Glembox is delivered to the right location.
  • How can I receive and redeem my monthly promo code voucher?
    As a subscriber, you will receive your monthly promo code voucher in two ways:
    1. Subscription Purchase Confirmation Email: New and existing subscribers will find the voucher promo code included in their subscription purchase confirmation email.
    2. Account Page: The voucher promo code will also be available in your account page on our website.
    When you are logged in, you will find available vouchers ready at the checkout for instant use. Simply enter the promo code from your voucher into the designated field to apply the discount. Be sure to redeem the voucher within its validity period. The discount voucher will be applied for a minimum cart amount of 150 AED.
  • What discount do I get as a subscriber?
    As a subscriber, you will enjoy a fantastic 20% flat discount on every purchase across our shop. It's simple and convenient – just log in to your account before making a purchase, and the 20% discount will be automatically apply at the checkout. 
  • What is Wishlist?
    A Wishlist is a personalized list of desired items that you can save for future reference or sharing with others. It helps keep track of products without making an immediate purchase.